Share your ride 24/7

Save upto 70 percent on normal fare

Ride alone if no matching with fellow passengers

Ecofriendly ride, saves environment

Upto 70% off than normal fares 24/7

The best way to travel to your destination

AC cabs at lowest fares

Best route matching

Reduce your carbon footprint

Know more about OHI Share

Why Ohi Share ?

Save your money with Ohi share. Share your ride as well as the cost with the ones travelling in your direction.

What if no one is travelling in my route ?

Don't worry. The cab is for yourself if there is no passenger to share your ride, moreover you pay the shared fare.

How many seats ?

Book upto 2 seats. Depending upon avalability you can book upto two seats for your share ride.

How to book ?

Login using the Ohi app, and select share from the list of rides. Done, your nearest cab will arrive at the pickup point.

Can I carry baggage ?

Yes you can carry baggage with you. Please mind that the fellow co passengers might also have baggages with them.

How much do I save ?

Sharing your rides can provide upto 70% lesser fare. Why pay more when you can share.